The Guardian: Why Your Data Matters

Written Nov 14, 2014

Rather than burying its data collection motives and tactics in an obscure privacy policy, the Guardian has set up a portal* with articles and videos explaining these in layman’s terms.

A Reuters contributor comments*: “We’re getting to a stage where we believe that trust is becoming a key differentiator for brands.”

Some excerpts from the Guardian’s website follow, with links at bottom.

“When we know a bit more about you, we’re able to give you a better experience.”

“As the Guardian’s digital first strategy matures […] we are able to use [user] data to generate revenues to be reinvested into the Guardian. The more accurately we can use that data to help advertisers to get the most relevant adverts to our readers, and the more effectively we can personalise offers and services, the higher the revenues we can generate to support our journalism.”

“The Scott Trust [Owner of the Guardian] takes no dividend from the business, ensuring all profits are reinvested back into the Guardian and its award-winning journalism.”


Why your data matters - a feature in the Guardian

Overview article from the Guardian

Relevant blog post from the Reuters contributor