My iOS/macOS wish list

Written Feb 6, 2018

Don’t need bells and whistles, just the basics.


Mail: downloads messages without delays and without glitches

Control center: make it more easily accessible (iPhone X)

Camera: improve autofocus with Live Photo turned on (default). When I need to take a pic ASAP, the pics come out blurry (many shots were ruined!). So I turned off Live Photo by default.

Calendar: fix bugs when clicking events from Mail, etc. Fix bug in duplicate notifications (I close it and it immediately pops up again for a second once more). Make it so alerts in Calendar for Google Calendar events are easy to change and propagate without errors to the master calendar (currently lots of pain)

Messages: fix bugs with “hide alerts” which don’t work in certain cases (I think an iCloud issue. Specifically, contacts sync)

Maps: Fix bugs (favorites sync, pin issues). Need better locations/updated details so I don’t have to use the other maps app :) Add lists instead of just stars (ideally: I can also add my own notes to a favorite!) Also: maps still doesn’t show Chipotle in SF on 4th in SOMA (a few blocks from Apple office too!!) even after I submitted the same report MULTIPLE times (!!).

Siri search: better find/sort (poor top results for some apps like Notes)

Input: instantaneous dictation launch instead of slight delay. I use it for its speed!

Music: interface is “slow” to use (I literally execute each gesture/click each button twice). Need faster access to “repeat” button (when not using Siri)

Music: out of a year of using “For you”, I can count on 3 fingers how many recommended songs I actually liked. Make recommendations better! Maybe humans aren’t that good?

Siri: hears me over playing music (a la HomePod). Would like better recognition of voice - but privacy first, so NBD


Calendar/reminders: Fix CPU spike at wake (CalNCService, especially with multiple internet (email) accounts). Fix bugs/improve general speed.

General: need better performance at wake from sleep: system is overloaded for first few seconds (slack…. But not only)

Keychain: Provide a way to clear out certificates and old passwords (sort by last used?). Have many issues on corporate laptop that propagate to Safari and Wifi.

Faster launch of dictation

iamroot: never again!

Still hard to find cursor when have 2 external monitors even with the shake-to-find feature

Battery: improve battery life on MacBook Pro. Stop fiddling with brightness to hide poor battery life (MacBook at 50% brighter than MacBook Pro at 50%)


Hardware/software quality: improve quality control ESPECIALLY near launch. I’ve been getting new devices at launch since 2015 and ALWAYS have hardware (and software) issues (Macbook, MacBook Pro, iPhones). Question is, can I restrain myself from buying latest product right at launch?


Things I love in iOS/macOS coming next (∩_∩)